By Engage Gaming

ertagear is a new contender to the world of gaming chairs, breathing new life into the market. This young business brings with it a raft of fresh ideas and approaches and has set its sights on forging revolution-ary new products and designs. The manufacturer is dedicated to creating innovative designs and first-class features that provide gamers with the best possible gaming experience. The Vertagear system has drawn on a wealth of valuable user experience and incorporated it into product improvements and new products 

And this is exactly what Vertagear has done with the new P-Line of gaming chairs. These pre-mium quality computer chairs combine heavenly comfort with race car-inspired aesthetics, thus guaranteeing the highest quality ergonomics and optimum adjustability to provide both casual- and professional gamers with the right seat for their needs. Whether you play at home, at a LAN party or at an eSports gaming event, an ergonomic seat that provides optimal support for the body while playing is as important for long gaming sessions as it would be in a sports car.


  • Premium breathable PU leather covering
  • Stylish Formula 1-style backrest
  • Expanded seat surface and backrest
  • Comfortable foam upholstery
  • First class rocking mechanism
  • Armrests adjustable in 3 directions
  • 6.5 cm of height adjustability


The health aspect becomes ever more important the longer one spends seated, and the P-Line's design goes the extra mile to take this into account. The aesthetics also draw inspiration from classic racing seats, meaning that the 360-degree swivel chairs are not just exceptionally comfortable, they also look amazing too. The chairs from Vertagear are not merely reminiscent of the interior of a sports car, they also take their cue from the ergonomics of sports car seats to boot. The reasoning behind this is that the effects of poor posture and uncomfortable seating can last long after your latest stream or tournament has finished. 

This premium gaming chair from the stylish PL4500 series comes in Black-Green and focuses on exactly these aspects to offer unsurpassed comfort and adjustability. This is due in no small part, along with the extra tall and wide backrest, to the durable and resilient HDF (High Density Foam) used in the upholstery. This is coated in breathable PVC imitation leather that is also easy to clean and maintain, something that helps give the PL4500 its luxurious appearance without it retaining excess heat or being uncomfortable in the summer months. This perforated design does a great job in keeping users cool in warm weather, in fact it's becoming clear that the importance of good airflow and cooling are no longer limited to PC hardware in 2019! The comfortable shape of the PL4500 is designed in such a way as to optimally support your back as well as your wrists, neck, arms and shoulders. 

In order to provide even more support in the neck and lumbar area, two colour coordinated cushions come bundled with the chair. The swivel office chair itself is set atop a strong steel foundation alongside an alumin-ium base with five durable casters and is optimally designed for heavier users with a maximum weight of up to 180 kg. Thanks to the fact that the chair itself is relatively light (around 30 kg), it can also be moved quickly and conveniently across a variety of surfaces. Additionally, the PL4500 offers 360 degree rotation, flex-ible seat height adjustment (using the convenient pressure lever), armrests adjustable in 3 directions, ad-justable backrest angle (up to 140°) as well as easy-to-reach integrated rocking- and "lock" mechanisms. 

Technical Details:
  • Total height (with base): approx. 131 - 137.5 cm
    Backrest width (shoulder height): approx. 53 cm
    Backrest width (pelvis height): approx. 35 cm
    Inner seat surface width: approx. 37 cm
    Outer seat surface width (widest point): approx. 54.5 cm
    Seat surface depth: approx. 44.5 cm
    Seat height: approx. 46.5 - 53 cm
    Armrest height: approx. 63.5 - 79 cm (measured from floor)
  • Weight: 30 kg
  • Material: Steel (frame), aluminium (base), cold foam (upholstery), PVC leather (cover)
  • Colour: Black / Green
  • Max load: 180 kg
  • Features:
    Robust steel frame for long-lasting comfort
    Strong 5-point aluminium base
    Easy-reach rocking mechanism with locking function
    Extra tall- and wide backrest
    Deformation resistant HDF
    Adjustable seat height
    Breathable & easy-case PVC leather covering
    Adjustable backrest angle (up to 140°)
    Larger casters for moving quietly
    Armrests adjustable in 3 directions
    Hydraulic gas lift for increased durability (Class 4)