Steelseries Gaming Mousepad Dex

By Engage Gaming



Designed in collaboration with pro-gamers for unmatched performance

* Incredibly low friction for highly-responsive movements
* Precise tracking for optical and laser mice
* Heat-bound edging prevents fraying
* Heavy silicone base prevents pad from sliding
* Torture tested and water resistant
* Wash with water to clean it off
* Designed in collaboration with pro-gamers for unmatched performance
* Laser etched logo won't wear down

The DeX Gaming Mousepad is the next evolution in high-end surfaces. Engineered for maximum glide and long-lasting durability, its performance is unmatched. DeX features a heavy, no-slip silicone base with heat-bound edging to prevent fraying under long-term use. It is water resistant so you can wash it off when needed. Designed in collaboration with pro-gamers, Dex is a highly-responsive surface that delivers precise mouse tracking. The speed-optimized surface minimizes the feel of friction making it one of the fastest surfaces on the market. It also features a laser etched logo that won’t wear down and maintains a smooth glide.

SteelSeries DeX Gaming Mousepad with Heavy Silicone Base and Textured Surface for Minimal Friction 320x270x2mm