Steel Series Keyboard Apex 100 UK

By Engage Gaming



Quick Tension Switches
-Switch operation mimics a mechanical for faster key press registration
-Guaranteed for 20 million key presses
-1ms response time

Ground Effects Backlighting
-Vibrant blue backlighting built with long lifespan LEDs

SteelSeries Engine 3 Software
- Remap every key and create profiles that truly make your keyboard one-of-a-kind.

-This keyboard offers advanced anti-ghosting supporting up to 24 of the most commonly used keys in gaming. 

Tournament Design
-Something about the design

Quick Access Media Control
-Something about the control

Gaming Mode
-Something about gaming mode

legacy marketing features
* Reinforced plastic construction and membrane keys, built to last and easy to clean
* Vivid orange backlit keys light up your gameplay
* 19-key anti-ghosting for when the action gets intense
* Volume and brightness control wheel for quick adjustments
* Double-braided cable for durability
* Integrated USB port for easy access to more gear

* Detailed customization and control over Apex 100 with SteelSeries Engine
* Customize with various lighting modes like Breathe, Reactive, and Trigger. 
* Dedicated game mode that disables Windows and OS command keys
* All keys are individually programmable to any keyboard, mouse or media key. Or rebind them to launch an application or macro
* Feature rich macro editor with support for powerful text-based macros, appeals to both casual and advanced players (allows unlimited macros from SteelSeries Engine direct to the in-game console)
* Record, save, edit and playback macros on the fly. Control their delays and playback options.
* Switch among unlimited profiles giving you the ability to completely remap any or all of your keys instantly
* Configure specific game profiles to adjust controls and switch automatically when launching a game
* Instantly swap profiles with a simple button press for Apex or any other SteelSeries Engine device
* Never lose your settings, back them all up with our CloudSync™ feature in SteelSeries Engine

legacy discription
The SteelSeries Apex 100 is a durable, entry-level member of our critically acclaimed Apex line of gaming keyboards. It’s highly customizable and designed to help maximize your gameplay. Apex 100 was engineered with demanding gamers in mind thanks to its reinforced and easy-to-clean design. It offers the performance and versatility that rivals its peers without breaking the bank. Highlighting the Apex 100 is vivid orange llumination. It adds a touch of personality and functionality to the keyboard, especially when using our SteelSeries Engine software. Engine lets gamers pick from various lighting effects like Breathe and Trigger. Further customize your play with its powerful macro editor, unlimited profiles, and ability to remap any and all keys.

The Apex 100 pro gaming keyboard gives you everything you need to crush the competition. The Quick Tension Switches are built to mimic a mechanical switches operation. When the key is pressed half way down, the tension design shoots the key the rest of the way into actuation. Underneath the switches are bold Ground Effect Backlighting and fully customization software giving you all the tools you need to get in the game.